About us

Essex Auction House is a company of auctioneers and valuers of Fine Art & Antiques with a reputation for being one of the UK’s leading provincial salerooms. Combining innovative marketing strategies with first class knowledge in all fields of art and antiques, we continue to provide exceptional results for our clients. We are based in West Essex, within a close proximity to London. Our rates we offer are competitive, and we are committed to new technologies such as live internet bidding. Our specialists Gregory Tong and Leo Wingar have been auction valuers for most of their adult lives, and will be available to offer free valuations and advice on how to best auction and price your items along with the rest of the Essex Auction House team. It will be good honest advice too (in fact Greg discovered amongst a trove that had been brought in a rare 1703 Queen Anne ‘Vigo’ gold coin that earned the surprised seller £280,000. The coin’s worth was unknown to the vendor but fortunately it was spotted by Gregory among a collection of low value items!

The expertise and extensive research undertaken by our staff, combined with our unrivalled approach to marketing has resulted in some very significant sales of individual and group items. Our auctions, which all include live online internet bidding, likewise ensure that every lot we sell reaches its target audience and realises its maximum potential, for both the buyers and vendors benefit.

There are no lotting fees and no charges for unsold items.

Essex Auction House is a leading Auction room with a track record of delivering first class results for all its customers on both a local and international level. Wherever you are, we look forward to working with you.

Our Services

Essex Auction House offer a range of services, to include;

  • Free valuations on all types of Fine Art, Antiquities & Collectables
  • House Clearances
  • Probate
  • Guidance on house contents price for inheritance purposes

More details on the processes and how we work, can be found on our Services tab.